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Diagnosis Binders
$25 each

Want to validate your self-diagnosis? Nervous for your professional assessment?


Put together a diagnosis binder using these handy digital resources. Both digital binders come with a list of reliable self-assessments, a spreadsheet to track traits & symptoms, and a list of scholarly studies for you to peruse.

The Autism Diagnosis Binder


The ADHD Diagnosis Binder

Buy Both, Get $10 Off

Ebooks, Guides, & Trackers

Learn about a variety of neurodivergent and mental health topics!

All About Trauma Ebook

This ebook is a beginner's guide to understanding trauma. The truth is, trauma isn't just military combat. It can look like so many things, from bullying to emotional neglect to medical gaslighting and more. This ebook discusses different types of trauma AND different ways to heal.



Junebugging is a neurodivergent cleaning method that was developed by a tumblr user with ADHD (credit to the original post given in the ebook), but many users have shared that it works for depression, autism, and other forms of neurodivergence as well! Essentially, it is a cleaning method that allows for distraction instead of punishing you for it. Learn all about it in this ebook!

Physical Self-Care

Let's talk about how to take care of your physical health, even when your mental health is a bit of a mess. This ebook covers sleep, hygiene, exercise/movement, food/water, and your environment.

Boundary-Setting for Beginners

Do you have trouble saying “no” to people?
Do you struggle to feel confident in your identity without being defined by others?

All of these are signs that you might need some help with boundaries.

This mini eBook offers an introduction to setting healthy boundaries around your time, privacy, identity, and more.

How to Come Out As Neurodivergent Guide

"Coming out" as neurodivergent can be tricky, confusing, and incredibly nerve-wracking. This guide is specially designed to help walk you through the coming out process, with recommendations on how to come out formally or informally, whichever you prefer.

Mental Health Tracker:
Track Your Moods, Habits, & Triggers

Tracking metrics for your mental health can be extremely beneficial, but unfortunately, it’s usually SO boring. That’s why I created this colorful tracker to help you track your moods, habits, and triggers in a fun way.

This planner includes one month of tracking pages (which you can print out again and again), including a mood color wheel, weekly habit tracking pages, and an organized trigger tracker.

Bundles & Courses

Get everything you need to learn about EFT tapping, internalized shame, relationships, and so much more!

Made To Be Me: Embracing Your Neurodivergent Brain

This bundle of resources is designed to help you cope with the internalized shame that often results from growing up with a neurodivergent brain.

You’ll get Shameless, the hour-long masterclass on internalized shame, the Made to Be Me workbook which lines up perfectly with the Masterclass, and 5 neurodivergent-friendly audio meditations (AKA, they’re short and sweet and not super boring).

The Ultimate Guide to EFT Tapping

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) tapping is an exercise that’s meant to help you process and accept your emotions, even the big, bad, scary ones.

In this bundle, you’ll get a 14-page guide on how exactly to do EFT tapping, plus 7 guided audio meditations that will lead you through common tough emotions, like shame, depression, and more.

It’s helped me deal with triggers, de-escalate meltdowns, and calm my general anxiety. And now it can do the same for you.

Anxiety-Proof Mornings Course

As someone who has tried many, many, MANY times to establish a morning routine, I understand what it’s like to feel intimidated by routines.

The Anxiety-Proof Mornings Course walks you through the exact method I used to create (and stick to) a morning routine for the first time ever.

Designed with neurodivergent brains in mind, this course is perfect for anyone who’s ready to change, but needs a little guidance along the way.

Neurodivergent Love

Gone are the days of dissecting every social interaction for hours afterwards.

Say goodbye to all those fights that you’re not even sure how they got started.

Get ready to completely change the way you view your relationships as a neurodivergent person.

This 9-module course will walk you through when (and how) to trust others, how to unmask and be authentic in relationships, and so much more.

If you’re ready to love and be loved, neurodivergence and all, this course is for you.

Executive Dysfunction:
How to Cope When Your Brain Won't Cooperate

Did you know there are actually 8 types of executive functioning, and ALL of them can go wrong to create executive dysfunction?

It’s true. And in this course, we’ll break down each one of those executive functions, how they can go wrong, and how you can cope.

10 videos, 10 reflection worksheets, unlimited potential to improve your executive dysfunction and live your life on your terms.