What is neurodivergent life coaching?

It's a peer-to-peer experience where two or more neurodivergent people sit down together and make a plan for how to cope with this neurotypical world we live in. Let me guide you through how to embrace who you are instead of hiding.

Which type of coaching is right for you? 

The Neurodivergent Magic Program

This is the best option for folks who really wanna get sh*t done. This group coaching program is focused on executive dysfunction and how to cope with it using my tried and true Functional Freedom Framework. Learn more below:


The Neurospicy


This is the best option for folks who want a sense of community. You're tired of feeling like an alien amongst the "normies." You're ready to find your people AND learn about your brain. With The Neurospicy Club, we can do both. Learn more below:


Everyone can benefit from life coaching.

Here are a few reasons why:

Because life is hard when you're going it alone. Unfortunately, in many Western societies, we've moved toward a rather extreme level of individualism. We've forgotten that it's OKAY to need other people. If you need some support right now, that's alright. I'm here to help.

Because therapy is great (believe me, I've been in it for nearly 10 years now) but if your therapist isn't neurodivergent, there's just this...disconnect there. You're ready to work with another neurodivergent person who really gets what your day-to-day life is like.

Because many of my clients have discovered that their problems and struggles that they thought were their fault actually...aren't. I say it all the time, but it bears repeating: you are not a broken version of neurotypical. You are a wonderfully whole version of neurodivergent.

“Megan has the incredible ability to take my chaotic ramblings, find the core themes within my distress, and come up with a clear, manageable plan for approaching what feels like the impossible! I felt lighter after receiving her coaching plan, and I am truly relieved to be working toward my goals with her supportive, thoughtful, practical advice.”

- Rowan R.

Are you ready to get the help you need, start making strides toward what you really want in life, and best of all, actually enjoy your life?