Hi, I'm Megan. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been dealing with my neurodivergence my whole life (even before I knew the words for it), and I’ve found that validation and community can get a person through almost anything.

And yet, most neurodivergent content out there is centered on finding solutions, on “fixing” you, on making you seem neurotypical.

I don't think that's what we really need.

Here's what I think we need: community, emotional intelligence, and tools that work with our brains, not against them.

So that's what I provide.

Neurodivergent Magic is all about forming connections, within yourself and with others.

I hope I can shine a light on your experience, make you say “Oh! Wait, that’s me!” and feel that hesitant warmth of “...maybe I’m not crazy.”

I know that’s what I’ve always needed.

I'm Megan Griffith.

I'm a Gemini, a hair dye enthusiast, and a professional neurodivergent life coach who's spent the last 10 years learning everything I can about emotions, selfhood, neurodivergence, and community.

In college, my mental health fell apart, and it wasn’t until recently (nearly a decade later) that I realized my issues with emotional regulation, executive dysfunction, and interpersonal anxiety were all related to autism & ADHD.

Now, I identify as an auDHDer and a neurodivergent life coach.

I received my life coaching certification from Transformation Academy in February 2021, and I specialized in emotional intelligence specifically, because I feel that it's the wedge that opens the floodgates.

From there, I created Neurodivergent Magic to help my fellow neurodivergent people recognize their inherent worth and find ways to make their lives work for them, instead of against them.

I hope Neurodivergent Magic can be your safe little nook of the internet.


Are you ready to learn how to work with your brain instead of against it?